Production Services

Not enough time? Not enough people?

Production Services: Request Form

Many nonprofit organizations are too small, too stretched, or too busy to afford the time it takes to learn how to produce their own programming. Community Access Media can help with our Nonprofit Member Production Services program. Although our staff ordinarily remains hands-off while our members are shooting and editing their programs, our Member Production Services program provides much more help. At a cost of $75.00 per hour, our expert staff will work directly with your organization to plan, shoot and edit your program. Before the time-clock starts ticking, we will work out a plan with you and estimate the bottom-line cost. You will remain closely involved and will actually select your guests, write the script outline, and be in control of how the program looks, but we will advise you, shoot and edit the show with either your CAM-trained staff or our volunteer members, and deliver a program that meets or exceeds your standards. For more information, contact Jacob Bartko at (814) 454-2226.

CAM posts the details and contact information for any nonprofit event in the Erie metropolitan area on our scrolling video bulletin board. This is a free service to members and nonmembers alike. As with all of our services, it is first-come, first-served and limited to space available. You can mail, fax, or email the information to us. (We would prefer a JPEG file in landscape or PDF document if sending a flyer).